Friday, May 27, 2016

Drumroll Please...

I'm so excited to officially announce I have joined the team over at Something Turquoise!

Jen has been an absolute dream to work with and I have already learned so much! I will be helping her run her Pinterest as well as assisting with her (very crazy) DIY shoot days. Speaking of her amazing DIY's, go check out her latest one, the DIY Petal Toss Bar. (You might even catch a glimpse of me!)
Photo // Jen Carreiro
I consider myself so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gimme Dat Rose: The Bachelorette Recap // Season 12, Episode 1

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I have become a bit of a Bachelor super fan. It all began when my best friend Danica and I lived together after college down in Belmont Shore. We got hooked on a few shows together, The Bachelor/Bachelorette being one of them. We loved picking our favorite contestants, pausing to discuss all the drama and getting really excited when those pauses gave the perfect still shot of someone in the least flattering way.

Eventually our interest in the show lead to what is now in its third season... our fantasy draft. Thanks to Becca and Jorie over at Bach Fantasy it's SUPER easy. It all started with the controversial Britt/Kaitlyn season of the Bachelorette, where the bachelors themselves chose who they wanted as their Bachelorette. That, along with Nick showing up midway through the season, threw some kinks in our points but it was fun nonetheless.

Since then our league has grown and we now even have players in three different states, spreading across three different time zones!

After seasons of Danica and I saying we should do it (AND the fact that Betches didn't have their recap posted), I am going to attempt to do recaps for every episode this season. Now, don't get me wrong, they won't be in depth or insightful... it will be a culmination of my snap judgments and conversations had with my bestie and the rest of the league. Please excuse the length but as you may or may not know, night one is shit show (in the best way possible).

Let's begin, shall we?

We start with the obligatory solo shots of JoJo and her discussing her Ben heartbreak. Jojo is by far the most attractive Bachelorette in AWHILE... possibly EVER and yet they have the makeup caked on pretty thick... once she's in her bikini though, no one is looking at her face anyways and, is it just me or do her boobs look even bigger since last season?
JoJo sits down with past Bachelorettes Kaitlyn, Ali and Desiree, Ali who by the way is no longer with her final pick and is knocked up by none other than the spawn of KIIS FMs Valentine in the morning, but don't worry... he proposed (after they announced her pregnancy). Kaitlyn looks like she hasn't eaten since her season wrapped.
We begin seeing some of the eligible bachelors and while Grant's package shows him as a firefighter... his instagram account says he's a model sooooo...
Jordan is hot and I immediately regret not drafting him on my fantasy team (I had first pick this season after all!).
Alex is cute but too short  to be taken seriously (and I can say that... because I'm short). Is it just me or does his twin brother seem more proportionate?
Then our "Bachelor Super Fan" James, he is on my team and I can't tell if he's kidding or not. If he's kidding, he's hilarious and I love him... if he's not, he may need to seek psychological help. And like... does he have an ACTUAL occupation? The jury is still out on that one...
Evan... quite a career path change... he was a pastor and now he's an erectile dysfunction specialist? And all these weird sexual innuendos... I can't.
Ali I immediately love, he's not even on my team and I'm still rooting for him. He has a white baby grand piano which is my dream. Do I play? Of course not, I just like the way they look. There is something about him that seems so sweet and fun. I'm team Ali.
Christian is on my team and although his racist family history story is heartbreaking... I feel some points coming from this so bring it on!
Luke reminds me of  Matthew Lawrence who I've been in love with since first seeing him in Mrs. Doubtfire so, he's alright in my book. I'm starting to notice a pattern with the military men... does JoJo date exclusively military?

I like how the producers strategically placed all of the non-gimmick contestants in the first few limos so that when the gimmick-ers started rolling in the hate was palpable.

This is when we see the teaser for Jake Pavelka and Bachelor Nation in unison screams "NOOOOOOO" at their TVs.
Chris Harrison pops in to say hello and act shocked when JoJo tells him she's soooooo nervous. Also, Chris, you've been doing this show for what, DECADES?? Don't get your hair cut the day before shooting... give it a few days. Come on. What are you, new?

JoJo of COURSE looks fricken awesome in that flesh colored bodysuit of a dress. It almost makes me want to put down my beer and start doing sit ups... I said ALMOST.
Robby will henceforth be referred to as Stifler because, I mean, look at him.
Daniel has an awkward intro.
Will looks like a mix of Nick Swardson and the big brother from Home Alone... ammiright???

James Taylor is on my team and I'm considering myself lucky. A sweet country boy with a guitar and a southern drawl? Yes please!
Jonathan gets out of the limo in a kilt and I think to myself, "ok.... hear him out". He explains that he's half Chinese and half Scottish. Ok Jonathan... you shall pass. Then he proceeds to note that his bottom half is Scottish and he's not wearing any panties. Get back in the limo Jonathan. The other bachelors find the kilt to be ABSURD like he walked in wearing his flesh inside out. First of all... that's kind of how this show works, are you unfamiliar? One season a bachelorette showed up on night one in a WEDDING DRESS and, if memory serve correctly, she was the RUNNER UP that season. A kilt is not that crazy. Also... you're kind of being culturally insensitive to my Scottish brethren. Chill.
Then comes the Santa suit... ok that's a little more absurd BUT his name IS Nick and he's not the only Nick, kudos to linking your name to your get up Saint Nick.
Then they breeze through some other contestants like Brandon whose occupation is listed as "Hipster" in his bio and he begins to recite the hipster creed "I don't even have a TV so I have no idea who you are". Brandon, you could meet strangers anywhere... why come on a TV show to compete with 25 other guys to do so?
Daniel begins to spiral as at least one contestant always does on night one. It's never good to hear "I'm not really a drinker". Oh so you don't usually drink? And now you're at an awkward cocktail party that lasts until dawn? Greeeeeeeat. Let us also note that his occupation is listed as "Male Model", I think just "Model" would have sufficed Daniel but that's just the Derek Zoolander in you "Oh the files are IN the computer". SMH
Wells is cute and looks like a taller version of Chris Carrabba so I approve. Bringing an acapella group? I'll allow it.
The non gimmick bachelors are quickly forming a gang against the gimmick wielding bachelors and I'm just hoping for an Anchorman fight scene reenactment. "No commercials... NOOOO MERCYYY!!"
How quickly these gimmick haters have forgotten... JoJo came out of the limo in a unicorn mask, thus, a lover of gimmicks she must be.

Did douchey Chad just have the best Freudian slip ever televised "Her breast... dress was amazing".

Derek is on my team and his self proclaimed dorkiness is not doing me any favors.
Jordan pulls WAY ahead and I feel like I'm back watching Britt cast her spell on Chris all over again.

It soon becomes unclear whether its James Taylor or Will with the fortune teller. It is also unclear if he's about to do something cute or creepy. Oh, demanding a kiss? Creepy. Great. Glad we cleared that up. Oh... and JoJo calls him Will... both quandaries have been cleared up.

Jordan just couldn't live with himself if he didn't get that kiss so he goes back for seconds, gets his kiss and America collectively "awwwww"s. Damn, why didn't I draft you Jordan?!

Daniel starts poking belly buttons and his downward spiral continues.

The first impression rose enters and all bachelor buttholes pucker. In the talks of the first impression rose and it's importance someone says "Olivia got the first impression rose... and she got left on an island". Touche.

Daniel has now stripped down to his VERY small underwear and has dove into the pool. He has officially gone full Canadian.

Fast forward to rose ceremony and just when you had forgotten, Jake Pavelka exits the limo. I am literally holding my breath. Jake does not deserve this goddess of a Bachelorette, there must be some sort of mis-understand. And as I'm yelling at JoJo to stop talking to him I realize ABC has pulled a fast one on me, Jake is a "close family friend"? And he's just there to tell her he hopes she finds love? WHAT kind of HORSESHIT is this?! Not cool ABC... NOT COOL.

Rose ceremony commences some of the obvious choices stay, some of the obvious choices go (except Daniel, wtf, he was drunk and essentially naked, but then again, in Bachelor Nation that's like immunity).

Somehow ALL FIVE of my draft picks are still intact. I know that won't last long so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

The preview for the rest of the season looks awesome as always. You better not be tricking us ABC... this better ACTUALLY be the MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shea's Palm Springs Fling: The Tote Bag

Several months ago now, my girlfriends and I headed out to sunny Palm Springs for my 30th birthday. We had a blast and, although we were there for my birthday, I wanted it to be about my friends too! That is why I curated the perfect collection of goodies for my girls, and put them in an adorable tote bag (designed by me and printed by my good friend Frankie with Go 2 Print Ink). Because you can never have enough tote bags am I right? Plus, it makes boring things like grocery shopping a little more fun when you have an adorable tote to carry your groceries.

Lets get into it, shall we...
1. Pink Flamingo drink float- These are a Palm Springs MUST. They keep your drink afloat while looking oh so adorable.
2. Custom Name Straws- With names like Shea, Danica, Stefana, and Kimiyo, to name a few, it's safe to say most of my friends never find their names on a keychain. So I thought it would be cool to get some custom name straws made (in pink of course). These straws were extremely reasonably priced (especially considering they were totally custom and made to order) AND they arrived SO quick. I will definitely be buying from them again.
3. Mini Perrier Can- I knew that some drinking would be happening and I wanted to give everyone a nice refreshing drink as an option as well. These cans were too cute to pass up and, add a cute paper straw with some bakers twine... perfection.
4. Mini Sofia Champagne Can- A PINK can of champagne?? It as a no-brainer.
5. Gold Flamingo Bottle Opener- You had me at gold flamingo... but then add in that its a functioning bottle opener and I knew I had to buy them.
6. Flamingo Towel (similar)- This wasn't something I had planned on buying (because towels aren't cheap). But Forever21 had them on clearance and they were too good to pass up.
7. Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses- These little guys gave me a scare. These were the only MUST HAVE item in the bag. The pink heart shaped glasses were kind of the theme of the whole weekend. They were on the invite, they were on the tote, they were on the cake, they were everywhere. BUT... since they were coming from Hong Kong, they almost didn't make it in time! I think they ended up arriving a day or two before we left... THANKFULLY.
8. Custom Name Tags- These were something I whipped up on my Cricut Explore Air. I wanted everyone to know which tote bag was theirs without having to go through each one. Each bag was essentially the same, but with the custom name straws and tumblers it was nice to know whose was whose.
9. Flower Crown Headband (similar)- I'm a big proponent of all things flower crown. I wore one for my bridal shower. I wore one for my wedding. I even had a flower crown making station at my best friends baby shower! So these were obviously a must.
10. Custom Palm Springs Tote- I needed something to put everyone's goodies in! So a tote bag was an easy decision. A less easy decision was, what they were going to look like. After some tweaks and changes, I landed on this design. I sent it over to my friend Frankie at Go 2 Print Ink and he created something that was my EXACT vision. He even surprised me by making the inside of the sunglasses a black glitter. So perfect.
When I originally wrote this post, I TOTALLY forgot one of the best things included in the tote! The custom tumblers! The tumblers themselves were a Target dollar spot find (Thank you Bryanna for searching several stores until we had enough). Then, using my Cricut Explore Air I added everyone's names in hot pink (AND in the same font as the invites and totes of course). These were a hit and the reason I forgot to include it originally is because I've been using it ever since!

And that's it! Everything that was in my "Shea's Palm Springs Fling" tote bags! I still love everything that was in them and hope all my girls did too. Now... the question is... what is my next party going to be??

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bachelor Finale: Ben

It's no secret... I'm a proud member of #BachelorNation. So much so, in fact, that last season I decided to form a Bachelor/Bachelorette Fantasy League for my friends and I. Thanks, in large part to Bach Fantasy, figuring out stats and scores was actually somewhat easy.

If you haven't gathered by now, I live to create and will use any excuse to throw a party. So, Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing parties along with custom decor, is a must. Since last year was the first year of our league, we still had some kinks to work out but the board I made was still pretty awesome.
Having two potential bachelorettes (Britt and Kaitlyn) and a contestant that joined well into the season (Nick) created some hiccups but all in all, it was a lot of fun. 

This seasons board blew the last one out of the water though.
I mean... look at that Bachelor logo! Complete with the wedding ring detail!
It was SO awesome, in fact, that Bachelor contestants themselves liked and commented on the photo!
This season, I also figured we should step up our game, so I ordered trophies, one for both the winner of the season, as well as the loser. 
This season we did both a Premier Party, as well as a Finale Party, which of course, required custom decor. 
"Will You Accept This Rose" Banner
 Custom Ben and rose cupcake toppers
 For the finale, JoJo and Lauren toppers were a must. 
 Everything looked so cute all together!
 Custom toppers on cupcakes.
 I even threw some in the strawberry shortcake cups.
Had to rep my girl JoJo.
 And when all was said and done... I won the league this season!

Next season, I hope to create a box for anyone else out there who wants to have a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party of their own!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shea's Palm Springs Fling

A few weeks ago I turned the big 3-0. I imagined it was going to be similar to waking up the day after your wedding, you're happy but also devastated because the highlight of your life is now behind you. Weirdly enough, it wasn't. I was strangely ok with it. In fact, I had been saying I was 30 for months before. Also months before is when I began planning for possibly my most epic birthday party yet. When I say months before, I don't mean two or three... we're talking NINE MONTHS. My husband turned 30 in April of last year and I planned a day of golf for him and his friends and they had a blast. So it was then that I started planning my own 30th too!

Palm Springs has become near and dear to my heart. My brother and I spent our childhood going out to Palm Springs to visit our grandparents. Then my family built a house on a man-made lake out there and then, as you may already know, Sam and I got married out there! I knew that's where I wanted to spent my 30th. I rounded up a group of my favorite girls, rented a house via airbnb and crafted my little heart out.

The theme was all things pineapple, flamingo, cactus and palm tree. You pretty much couldn't look anywhere without spotting one of them.
As always, I enlisted the help of my friend Erin to create some awesome invites and, true to form, she did NOT disappoint... I mean... LOOK AT THEM! (The Cactus address tag was an afterthought that I, of course, created using my Cricut. )
Here is a better look at them, front and back.... Adorable right?
Danica and I got out to the house earlier than the other girls so we were able to set up. I had goodie bags waiting for everyone. I wanted to the weekend to be just as much about my friends as myself!
Personalized tote bags (more on those in a later post), pineapple cups and flamingo straws!
Palm Springs tote bags adorned with a gold glitter pineapple wearing pink heart shaped sunglasses. Using the invitations as my muse, I designed these tote bags and sent the design over to my friend Frankie from Go 2 Print Ink and they came out even more perfect than I could have imagined!
A few of the treats inside of the totes... Custom tumblers (that I made using my Cricut of course), custom name straws (most of my friends, much like myself, have very unique names, so getting something with our names on it is rare so they were all ecstatic), and of course pink heart shaped glasses!
The airbnb was adorable but I of course had to decorate it. 
Gold mylar is always a must. 
And it's not a Shea party without a photo backdrop (and how cute are those inflatable cacti?!)
Love these girls!
We spent the evening sipping on champagne, girl talking and playing an unhealthy amount of  Heads Up (wild, I know). 
Saturday we had a pool party and my mom even stopped by!
After some fun in the sun we headed to All Tressed Up for a day of pampering (thanks to my husband who footed the bill).
Everyone looked amazing and we headed to a yummy dinner at Las Casuelas (the same place Sam and I had our rehearsal dinner!)
Roman at Over the Rainbow Cupcakes (who also did our wedding cake) created the most INCREDIBLE birthday cake for me, I mean... just look at it!
Getting a good group photo is much harder than you would think.
How gorgeous are my friends?
Standard bestie pic. 
Yes, I made custom temporary tattoos for everyone. 
We headed to drinks at the Riviera after dinner. 
And after drinks... yes... more Heads Up. Haha. 
On our way out we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs, which I had surprisingly never done, followed by a nice girls afternoon shopping at the outlets. 

It was a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful people that when far too quickly. 
This is 30.