Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bachelor Finale: Ben

It's no secret... I'm a proud member of #BachelorNation. So much so, in fact, that last season I decided to form a Bachelor/Bachelorette Fantasy League for my friends and I. Thanks, in large part to Bach Fantasy, figuring out stats and scores was actually somewhat easy.

If you haven't gathered by now, I live to create and will use any excuse to throw a party. So, Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing parties along with custom decor, is a must. Since last year was the first year of our league, we still had some kinks to work out but the board I made was still pretty awesome.
Having two potential bachelorettes (Britt and Kaitlyn) and a contestant that joined well into the season (Nick) created some hiccups but all in all, it was a lot of fun. 

This seasons board blew the last one out of the water though.
I mean... look at that Bachelor logo! Complete with the wedding ring detail!
It was SO awesome, in fact, that Bachelor contestants themselves liked and commented on the photo!
This season, I also figured we should step up our game, so I ordered trophies, one for both the winner of the season, as well as the loser. 
This season we did both a Premier Party, as well as a Finale Party, which of course, required custom decor. 
"Will You Accept This Rose" Banner
 Custom Ben and rose cupcake toppers
 For the finale, JoJo and Lauren toppers were a must. 
 Everything looked so cute all together!
 Custom toppers on cupcakes.
 I even threw some in the strawberry shortcake cups.
Had to rep my girl JoJo.
 And when all was said and done... I won the league this season!

Next season, I hope to create a box for anyone else out there who wants to have a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party of their own!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shea's Palm Springs Fling

A few weeks ago I turned the big 3-0. I imagined it was going to be similar to waking up the day after your wedding, you're happy but also devastated because the highlight of your life is now behind you. Weirdly enough, it wasn't. I was strangely ok with it. In fact, I had been saying I was 30 for months before. Also months before is when I began planning for possibly my most epic birthday party yet. When I say months before, I don't mean two or three... we're talking NINE MONTHS. My husband turned 30 in April of last year and I planned a day of golf for him and his friends and they had a blast. So it was then that I started planning my own 30th too!

Palm Springs has become near and dear to my heart. My brother and I spent our childhood going out to Palm Springs to visit our grandparents. Then my family built a house on a man-made lake out there and then, as you may already know, Sam and I got married out there! I knew that's where I wanted to spent my 30th. I rounded up a group of my favorite girls, rented a house via airbnb and crafted my little heart out.

The theme was all things pineapple, flamingo, cactus and palm tree. You pretty much couldn't look anywhere without spotting one of them.
As always, I enlisted the help of my friend Erin to create some awesome invites and, true to form, she did NOT disappoint... I mean... LOOK AT THEM! (The Cactus address tag was an afterthought that I, of course, created using my Cricut. )
Here is a better look at them, front and back.... Adorable right?
Danica and I got out to the house earlier than the other girls so we were able to set up. I had goodie bags waiting for everyone. I wanted to the weekend to be just as much about my friends as myself!
Personalized tote bags (more on those in a later post), pineapple cups and flamingo straws!
Palm Springs tote bags adorned with a gold glitter pineapple wearing pink heart shaped sunglasses. Using the invitations as my muse, I designed these tote bags and sent the design over to my friend Frankie from Go 2 Print Ink and they came out even more perfect than I could have imagined!
A few of the treats inside of the totes... Custom tumblers (that I made using my Cricut of course), custom name straws (most of my friends, much like myself, have very unique names, so getting something with our names on it is rare so they were all ecstatic), and of course pink heart shaped glasses!
The airbnb was adorable but I of course had to decorate it. 
Gold mylar is always a must. 
And it's not a Shea party without a photo backdrop (and how cute are those inflatable cacti?!)
Love these girls!
We spent the evening sipping on champagne, girl talking and playing an unhealthy amount of  Heads Up (wild, I know). 
Saturday we had a pool party and my mom even stopped by!
After some fun in the sun we headed to All Tressed Up for a day of pampering (thanks to my husband who footed the bill).
Everyone looked amazing and we headed to a yummy dinner at Las Casuelas (the same place Sam and I had our rehearsal dinner!)
Roman at Over the Rainbow Cupcakes (who also did our wedding cake) created the most INCREDIBLE birthday cake for me, I mean... just look at it!
Getting a good group photo is much harder than you would think.
How gorgeous are my friends?
Standard bestie pic. 
Yes, I made custom temporary tattoos for everyone. 
We headed to drinks at the Riviera after dinner. 
And after drinks... yes... more Heads Up. Haha. 
On our way out we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs, which I had surprisingly never done, followed by a nice girls afternoon shopping at the outlets. 

It was a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful people that when far too quickly. 
This is 30.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Big 3-0

Welp... it's official. I'm no longer in my twenties and am surprisingly ok with it. 
I celebrated by spending the weekend in Palm Springs with six of my favorite people. 

Cheers to 30 years!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Twenty (Sweet) Sixteen

Happy New Year!!! It's Twenty (Sweet) Sixteen!

Twenty fifteen, like most years. had some amazing highs and some horrible lows. While I know that every experience that we have, whether great or heartbreaking helps to form us into  the person we are, I'm happy to have 2015 in my rearview mirror.

Lets take a look back shall we?

I spent my last birthday in my twenties (eek!) out at our family home in the desert with some old friends, where we reenacted a photo from almost a decade prior.
I also spent a nice evening over dinner and drinks with four of my favorite people.

We hosted a Super Bowl party... which was really just an excuse for some festive Jello shots (my fav).
Sam and I attended our first wedding as a married couple (finally, no bouquet toss for me). 
I lived out a childhood dream of seeing Newsies the Musical with some fellow Newsie loving girlfriends. 
Started our first ever Bachelorette Fantasy League. (Yes, that's a thing and no, I'm not embarrassed.)
My cousin picked me to be his "Special Person" for Special Person Day at his school. 
My heart shattered into a million pieces when my little man crossed the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven. I'm not the type that romanticizes most thing but I truly believe that he and I were soulmates, meant to share this life together. I will spend the rest of my life missing him. 
 One of my besties got ENGAGED!
We had a fun 4th of July party. (More Jello shots were had.)
 Which of course had to include a photo re-enactment from five years prior 
I finally began turning my garage into my dream craft room
It's a work in progress but the progress so far is awesome. 

My bestie found out she was expecting (!!!!) so I of course attending some showers for her, one of which was where I met my East Coast counterpart!
And I of course threw her a shower of my own

 My husband was in his first wedding (that wasn't ours haha). 
Another successful ChrismAugust was had.
Danica had her baby and my heart exploded! The newest member of the crew hath arrived!

I went to see Luke Bryan with my "brother" and we had VIP passes and Luke TOUCHED ME.... HE TOUCHED ME!
 We fostered some amazing pups for Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles who now have their forever homes!
For our one year anniversary, we finally went on our Honeymoon. Ten days in Tulum, Mexico. I still am trying to figure out why we ever came back. 
 We celebrated our first Halloween as a married couple... scary! ;)
I attended my birthmom's memorial and met her wonderful family. 
 I helped Stefana say "Yes" to the dress!
 I was asked to be a Bridesmaid in Stefana's wedding. 
And we had our best Christmas yet!
 While 2015 had it's lows, most of all, losing my Beamer boy, it also had some amazing moments, like the birth of my "niece"! Here's hoping that 2016 has more highs than lows.